Types of Orthodontic Device

The 3 Most Popular

No. 7. New Zirconia



No. 8 White Ceramic

No. 3 Hybrid

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The metal device is also cute!

A huge variety of orthodontic devices

Our clinic has a wide range of orthodontic devices. You can read more about each device below.


There are many patients who are interested in Invisalign or inconspicuous white-colored orthodontic devices. Additionally, we also offer transparent materials, rubbed glass, fiberglass, ceramic, artificial jewels, etc.


We can advise on the type of orthodontic device that best meets the your condition, school/work schedule, lifestyle and desire.


*We have listed the devices from cheapest to most expensive below.

1. Metal

The world's most common orthodontic device

Metal braces are cheap, thin and durable.


In the past, metal braces had an image of being very shiny and standing out a lot. However, thanks to developments in technology, they are now a lot more subtle and comfortable to wear.


It is easy to see when metal braces need to be cleaned as they become cloudy. They can be cleaned very easily using a toothbrush.

350,000 yen ~ 860,000 yen

2. Daemon System

The world's newest bracket

This is the world's newest orthodontic treatment method. It was developed by American, Dr. Daemon and is used in around 20% of orthodontic cases in developed countries.

This high-tech treatment method has totally different mechanics to other forms of treatment. As such, at the 2004 American Orthodontic Convention, it gained the most interest from doctors from all over the world.


This method does not generally use an O-ring or ligature wire, so checkups are only required every 10 weeks (instead of monthly).

There is also very little pain from the movement of teeth and the overall length of treatment is relatively short. The width of the bracket is fairly narrow, making it easy to brush your teeth.


In many cases, this treatment method can be carried out without the need to extract any teeth.

350,000 yen ~ 860,000 yen

3. Hybrid


The third most popular treatment method!

Popular bracket made from the latest materials

Made from confining ceramic filler in plastic, this bracket uses the latest hybrid material.

As the color is so similar to the color of teeth, this is popular with patients who are looking for something inconspicuous and affordable.

350,000 yen ~ 860,000 yen

4-1. Plastic

Plastic bracket which is relatively inexpensive and barely noticeable

In orthodontic treatment, teeth move as a wire slides in the groove of a bracket. In the past, plastic brackets had a disadvantage in that the treatment speed was slowed by cutting grooves in the wire.

However, this method uses a metal rail, keeping the groove inconspicuous. Therefore, the treatment period is no different from using a metal bracket.

600,000 yen ~ 900,000 yen

4-2. Clear Snap (plastic)

The world's most talked about self-ligating system

This is currently the most talked about self-ligating system in the orthodontic world. This method uses a conventional plastic bracket with a cap named 'Clear Snap'.


Using the conventional orthodontic treatment method, a small rubber ring called an O-ring or a thin ligature wire is used to connect the wire to the bracket. However, the O-ring suffers from discoloration, especially when enduring things like curry and tomato sauce. Also, with ligature wire, there were troubles such as trauma of mucosa caused by knotting. Clear Snap was able to solve these troubles making smooth friction and tooth movement possible.


It also covers metal and wires incorporated in the grooves of the plastic bracket, making it an orthodontic device that is less gritty and very inconspicuous.



(* This treatment method may be unsuitable depending on the stage of treatment and the state of tooth alignment.)

600,000 yen ~ 900,000 yen

5. Crystal Plastic

The latest refinement of the popular plastic bracket

This is the latest improved version of the plastic bracket and has been unwaveringly popular for a long time at CS Orthodontic Clinic.


The material of the ordinary plastic bracket is polycarbonate resin. However, by changing the material to polyamide resin, there is a sense of transparency and gloss which was not possible with a plastic bracket. Thus, making your teeth look more beautiful.


Compared with conventional plastic brackets, there is also less pigmentation.

610,000 yen ~ 910,000 yen

6. White Plastic

Pure-white bracket!

This is designed to be the most compact and among the inconspicuous brackets treated at our clinic. This is also recommended for those who are concerned about the metal rails found in conventional plastic brackets. The price is also reasonable.


The white bracket is available in either ceramic and plastic.

The photo shows No. 8 White Ceramic on upper teeth and No. 6 White Plastic on lower teeth.


The bracket is so white, you may not even be able to see it!


(* Some pigmentation may be seen due to absorption of plastic during the treatment period.)

630,000 yen ~ 930,000 yen

7. New Zirconia


The most popular treatment method!

Beautiful transparent-looking bracket

This is the most beautiful and transparent-looking bracket available. It is also extremely durable.

When a conventional zirconia bracket is used, there is a possibility that the glass will crack or break apart. This method significantly reduces that risk.

640,000 yen ~ 940,000 yen

8. White Ceramic


The second most popular treatment method!

Pure-white bracket!

The white bracket is available in either ceramic and plastic.

The photo shows No. 8 White Ceramic on the upper teeth and No. 6 White Plastic on the lower teeth.


The bracket is so white, you may not even be able to see it!

660,000 yen ~ 960,000 yen

9. New Ceramic

Strong ceramic bracket

This is the latest ceramic bracket. As it is so strong, there is no metal slot in the groove where the wire enters. It is milky white with a sense of transparency and has a little gloss. The color is very similar to the natural color of teeth.


While is may not be as thin a the metal bracket, it is still thinner than the standard zirconia, plastic, and ceramic brackets. Thanks to the structure, it is also quicker to remove.

The radius of the corner in the latest bracket also makes it much more comfortable.

660,000 yen ~ 960,000 yen

10. Daemon 3

A half-clear looking orthodontic device

Daemon 3 has the same characteristics as the No. 2 Daemon Bracket. Due to the complicated structure of the demon bracket, it is difficult to manufacture out of anything other than a durable metal. However, since the metal is too conspicuous for some people, changing only the simple part of the construction to a plastic material called 'aesthetic composite resin' makes it 50% less noticeable than the previous demon bracket. Although it may be considered more esthetically pleasing than other metal correction devices, it is still more noticeable than plastic, zirconia, ceramics, etc.

660,000 yen ~ 960,000 yen

11. Cubic Zirconia

Discrete artificial diamond bracket

The use of diamonds make this treatment method both beautiful and durable, which very little chance of breakage. The diamond's magical power makes the whole tooth surface look beautiful.


This is very popular among female patients who wish combine fashion with their treatment!


Although there is the drawback of it being a little difficult to remove at the end of the treatment, we use tools that make this process painless.

700,000 yen ~ 1,000,000 yen

12. Ceramic

Ceramic bracket with metal in the groove

Unlike transparent zirconia brackets, this is opalescent.


Thanks to the silver rails in the groove through which the wire runs, the wire slips well, increasing the treatment speed.


This is currently the most used bracket in the USA.


It is characterized by there being less shock at the time of removal compared to other ceramic brackets.

780,000 yen ~ 1,080,000 yen

13. Lingual

Applied to the back of the teeth and cannot be seen from the front at all

The device is placed at the back of the teeth (the tongue side) instead of the front (the lip side).


No one will know that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. So you can gain beautiful teeth without anyone noticing.


There is still low demand for this treatment worldwide due to it's a high cost. It is also more difficult to clean your teeth compared to other methods.


If, for example, your lower teeth a hidden behind your lips when you laugh, it would also be possible to treat your lower teeth from the front and your upper teeth from the back.

1,230,000 yen ~ 1,654,000 yen

14. Combination

Different types of brackets can be used on the upper and lower teeth depending on your budget and preference

The picture shows a combination of No.13 Lingual, which not visible at all on the upper teeth and No.4 Plastic, inconspicuously visible on the lower teeth.


Of course, besides this combination, you can select different brackets for the top and the bottom of your teeth according to your budget and preference. In that case, you will be charged half for each of the bracket types you select.


Depending on the state of occlusion, we may not be able to accommodate your request. For more information please ask during your initial free consultation.

1,062,000 yen ~ 1,440,800 yen

Rubber Link

Colored rings that can be change each month (35 colors available)

These can be used for metal, plastic and diamond brackets.

There are, of course, also transparent and inconspicuous rubber rings, but patients can freely decide which colors to use monthly.


Red, green and gold is popular at Christmas and cherry-colored pink is popular in spring. There are also people who choose their favorite sports team's colors to show their support when watching a match.

Stars and Hearts Brackets

Pretty jewelry-like bracket

This is a sparkling metal bracket, like silver jewelry. Ideal for people who want to fully enjoy and show-off their orthodontic treatment.


It is the same price as the traditional No. 1 metal bracket.

350,000 yen ~ 860,000 yen

White Wire

Inconspicuous white-coated wire

This wire is hardly visible from a distance. However, it is not possible to use this wire all the time. Silver and black wires will need to be used a various stages of the treatment.

The photo shows the white wire attached to No. 12 Ceramic Bracket.

+100,000 yen

For detailed pricing information, please visit the 'Prices' page.


The latest orthodontic treatment device, using a transparent mouthpiece.

A computer simulation before the treatment can show you how your teeth will look when treatment is completed.

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