【Case 6】Male, 20s - Invisalign

Teeth (front)

Before starting the treatment

After completing treatment (2 years and 6 months)

After 6 months of treatment

Patient Testimony

To begin with, I saw a virtual simulation of the treatment process. My teeth moved steadily as per the simulation.


The treatment process was originally only going to take a year and a half, but for some reason, my bottom teeth took a bit longer to move than anticipated. Eventually my teeth lined up beautifully and I'm really happy with the result!


Using Invisalign, I use a new transparent aligner every two weeks. When I use a new aligner, the first few days can be a little painful, but given the results, it is definetly worth the effort. 


To everyone who starts orthodontic treatment, do not give up, even if there are occasional hardships. If you work hard with your doctor you will be able to obtain the beautiful teeth you desire.

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treatment blog

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