Teeth Cleaning

The new "Salt peeling" cleaning method

The "peeling" does not refer to your skin.

Salt Peeling involves jet-spraying micro-power onto your teeth to remove dirt that gets missed by a normal toothbrush or dental floss. 

In the early development stages of this treatment, the treatment would produce a very salty taste (hence the name), however you can now choose from many flavors (e.g. lemon, pineapple, etc.) depending on your preference.

Salt Peeling

This treatment is available to patients undergoing orthodontic treatment or using a retainer. As your teeth are particually prone to getting dirty while undergoing orthodontic treatment, in order to keep them healthy, we recommend getting your teeth cleaned professionally every 3 to 6 months.

Please make an appointment to undergo this treatment.

Treatment time is between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the condition of your teeth.


First of all, we will check the amount of dirt on your teeth.


Next, we will perform ultrasound scaling to remove any old tartar.

This is only for patients whose teeth are particularly dirty. For patients with only a few stains (e.g. tea), scaling is not necessary.


Choose your preferred flavor. We recommend the sweet scented pineapple, but other flavours are also available.


Finally, your teeth are polished for a shiny finish.

Salt Peeling Price List

Salt Peeling 8,000 yen each time

All prices DO NOT include tax. Tax will be charged separately.