【Case 3】Female, Teens - New Zirconia

  • H.M. (Female, Teens)
  • Used 'New Zirconia'
  • H.M.'s blog (Spanish)

Front smile

Before treatment

After 1 year and 2 months of treatment

Teeth (front)

Before treatment


I am Peruvian and I talk with the doctor in English. At this clinic, even foreigners can receive orthodontic treatment with confidence, so there is no anxiety at all.


I am very pleased that I could receive orthodontic treatment in Japan at a clinic that uses such modern technology. The New Zirconia bracket shines like jewelry and it is very beautiful. I chose this without hesitation and am now showing it off to my friends.  


I am writing a blog about my treatment in Spanish. Please check it out.

treatment blog



treatment blog

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