Cosmetic Dentistry and Anti-Aging Treatments

At CS Orthodontic Clinic, in addition to teeth whitening and cleaning, we provide other cosmetic and beauty treatments such as hyaluronic acid injection and Botox injection. 

♡ Dental Hyaluronic Acid Treatment

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid is injected from the inside of your mouth into the wrinkles you may have around your mouth. This will give you a younger and fuller looking mouth.


♡ Placenta Injection

Provides a wide range of positive pharmacological effects. It promotes blood circulation, detoxification, anti-inflammatory action, immunity power, and creates a healthy gum that is more resistant to periodontal disease.

♡ Botox Injection

Has the effect of loosening some of the muscles around the mouth that have become hardened.




♡ Teeth Whitening

After you've completed the treatment to straighten your teeth, you could make your teeth shine beautifully with our teeth whitening treatment. 

♡ Teeth Cleaning

A professional teeth cleaning that removes fine dirt which is usually missed by a normal toothbrush or dental floss. Regular care is recommended.

♡ EGF Lip Treatment

The latest anti-aging, revitalizing treatment for hardened lips.