We have a clear and secure pricing structure the means you do not pay every time you visit the clinic. During your first consultation we will calculate the total cost of your treatment from start to finish so you will not be faced with any unexpected fees. We do not begin treatment until you have confirmed you are happy to proceed with the payment plan.

Using a metal bracket, treatment starts from 350,000 yen.

The dynamic treatment system means that you are charged for the entire treatment and not per visit to the clinic.

You do not need to make a down-payment, so you can start the treatment whenever you like.

You can choose the plan that suits you best. Various discounts are also available.

Inspection / Diagnosis

Initial consultation Free
Inspection fee

15,000 yen

if consultation and the same day: 13,000 yen

Invisalign inspection fee 50,000 yen

Price list

orthodontic treatment can be carried out from as little as 350,000 yen. further discounts may also be available.

Prices vary based on the condition of your teeth and the treatment method chosen.


*Please refer to the Children's Orthodontic Treatment page for the prices of children's treatment.

Mild 350,000 yen1,390,000 yen
Standard 710,000 yen1,477,000 yen
Difficult 860,000 yen1,664,000 yen
Invisalign 830,000 yen999,000 yen

Payment methods

Payment options Lump sum payment
Payment installments (24 installments, interest free)
Card payment (lump-sum payment only) / Diners · JCB · VISA · Master · Sumitomo Mitsui

We consult each patient individually with regards to the payment method that suits them best. To reduce the burden of the monthly payments, it is also possible to pay part of the lump sum up front and pay the rest in installments.

For patients paying by monthly installments, there is no interest or additional fees to pay.


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Lump Sum Discount

5% off

*not applicable for credit card payments

Weekday Appointment Discount

50,000 yen off

For patients who always visit the clinic between 2pm and 4pm on weekdays (Monday to Friday).

This discount is applied to the total cost of whichever treatment you select

This discount can be used together with the 'Lump Sum Discount' and 'Referral Discount'

*cannot be used with the 'Student Discount' (below)

Student Discount

50,000 yen off

To support hard-working students, we have introduced a student discount.

  • Applicable to: Middle School Students, High School Students, Specialist School Students, University Students, Graduate Students
  • Student ID is required
  • The discount will be applied to the cost of the orthodontic devices

*Cannot be used together with the 'Weekday Appointment Discount'.

**If you are not a student when you begin your treatment, you will not be eligible for this discount.

***The treatment method for elementary school students is usually different. Therefore, depending on the diagnosis, this discount may not be applicable.

Referral Discount

5% off

If any of your family, friends or colleagues are considering orthodontic treatment, please let them know about our clinic. Patients who refer new people to our clinic will receive 5% off their treatment costs


There are also free gifts available:

  • Electric toothbrush set (carrying case and special toothpaste)
  • Tooth cleaning coupon ticket
  • Retainer cleaner

*Sales tax is NOT included in the prices listed above. 


The latest orthodontic treatment device, using a transparent mouthpiece.

A computer simulation before the treatment can show you how your teeth will look when treatment is completed.

Type of Orthodontic Devices

We have various types of front side and back side corrective devices. Let us know your preference and budget and we will help you choose the ideal device.

Children's Orthodontic Treatment

We will start treatment after assessing the type of treatment, urgency, cost and treatment period.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Make your teeth shine with teeth whitening cleaning! We also have beauty treatments such as Botox and hyaluronic acid injection available.

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treatment blog

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