Teeth Whitening

Beautifully aligned teeth make your smile more brilliant than any makeup or jewelry. After you have corrective orthodontic treatment, we recommend professional dental bleaching (whitening).


The current whitening technology is extremley advanced an can make dull-coloured teeth shine like a pearl. We especially recommend it before weddings or other special events.


At CS Orthodontic Clinic, we offer whitening at reasonable prices in order to help patients make their newly straightened teeth even brighter. The technology for teeth whitening is improving all the time and CS Orthodontic Clinic incorporates the latest equipment and methods earlier than anywhere else.

Teeth Whitening Example

Teeth Whitening




  • Teeth whitening may not be suitable for patients that have not yet undergone corrective treatment. In cases of crooked teeth or bad tooth alignment, orthodontic treatment may be required first. 
  • It may not be possible to bleach the teeth of patients with dental plaque, stained teeth, or inflamed gums. 
  • Deep discoloration from tetracycline (antibiotic) may not be able to be bleached.
  • To preserve the effects of the whitening, try to avoid dark colored foods (e.g. curry, kimchi, etc.) for one week after the treatment.

Teeth Whitening Price List

Teeth Whitening 10,000 yen each time

All prices DO NOT include tax. Tax will be charged separately.